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Mosquito Bikes began life in 1984 as a bicycle workshop in Bradbury Street, Dalston. Initially the shop concentrated on repairs and servicing but as the late 1980's mountain bike boom kicked in we moved into bike sales, indeed we were one of the first shops to take on brands such as Trek and Marin when they first came into the UK.  In 1988 the Essex Road shop was established and the current owners (Phil, Gill and Roger) joined a year later. We've been in Essex Road under the same ownership ever since.

Through the 1990's Mosquito became established as a quality mountain bike and commuting shop, but with increased competition from the internet and high street retailers we began to find ourselves moving into more specialist fields - concentrating on quality bespoke custom frames which were often not seen elsewhere in the UK. In 2002 co-owner Roger Graver was one of the first UK bike retailers to attend the Serotta International Cycling Institutes (SICI) bikefitting course and again Mosquito was one of the first shops to import the SICI sizecycle allowing us to 'fit' riders in what we believe to be the best way possible. Today all three owners are fully qualified SICI bikefitters.

Over the last decade we have worked to build a range of brands in the shop which we feel very proud of and believe offers a selection to our customers which is second to none and along the way we have built great relationships and friendships with the likes of Moots, Independent Fabrication, Pegoretti, Demon, Merenyi and Zullo. It's a pleasure to work with such great bikes and to know we are providing our customers with such unique products.

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