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PEdALED philosophy

“Go by bicycle. Feel the elements and contemplate nature.”  PEdALED makes clothes to enjoy on the bicycle. The poetic expression “pedalling to dive into the earth” inspired the abbreviation "PEdALED".

PEdALED is Hideto Suzuki

"After working 15 years as a fashion designer for a famous label, I was disillusioned by the temporary nature of the Japanese fashion industry. So I left to search for something more lasting. As luck would have it, I met a Canadian man who taught me how to design and build log cabins, and in the end, I built ten of these houses myself.

This experience solidified my conviction that the importance of making things is to create each object with a sincere attitude. And with this lesson in mind, I set out to create clothes that complement my lifestyle and returned to the apparel business as a solo designer. Inspired by my daily cycling, in 2007 I launched the first PEdALED collection."

PEdALED garment features.

Natural fabrics such as hemp, linen, and organic cotton form the basis of PEdALED clothing, even sometimes reusing old clothes and pre-used textiles. Synthetic materials are kept to an absolute minimum. Meticulously created in Japan, from design to manufacture.

PEdALED garments are tailored to encourage the riding position for comfort both on and off the bicycle. Ventilation, reflective details, and other useful features are finished with the integrity demanded by the high-end fashion client.

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