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Choosing a new bike can be a daunting prospect with all the options available, but we’re here to help guide you through that process. We keep our website up to date and informative but there is nothing like seeing the bikes close up. There are examples from all our brands in store and if the model you’re interested is available we’re more than happy to let you take it for a spin. What we find works best is for you to come in, so we can put a brew on, sit down and spend a bit of time getting to know you and what you want from a bike. Once we know what you’re going to be using it for and you’ve selected an appropriate frame material, we can start making suggestions. We’ve got a good head for tech, and a great workshop, so we’ll worry about all the compatibility issues, you just tell us how you would like the bike to ride. It doesn’t just end at the frame either; we’ve specced out thousand of bikes so we’ve got a good feel for what’s out there. Maybe you want all silver finishing kit for a classic look, or you insist on full Campagnolo for your Italian frame? We’ve got years of experience building wheels too so the customisation never really stops. Our bikes aren’t just for Christmas either. We’ve built touring bikes destined for Africa, South America, Russia and beyond so we can advise you on what will stand up to all the riding you’re going to be doing. After all there’s a very good chance this could be a bike for life.

Custom Bikes

We’ve dealt with many custom bicycle brands over the years; our current portfolio of builders have the experience and can deliver the quality to satisfy our discerning customers. We don’t sell anything that we wouldn’t be proud to own and ride ourselves. Between our seven custom builders we have all bases and materials covered – no brief too large, no geometry too extreme.

Free Bike Fitting

With three professional, SICI qualified bike-fitters we help you choose a frame which works for you and your riding requirements, ensuring your newly built bike fits perfectly. More details of the process here: Bike Fitting

  • Custom Specification. We’ll spend time with you designing and selecting the ideal componentry to complete your new bike.
  • Bike Assembly. Your bike will be built, at no extra cost, by one of our Cyctech qualified mechanics, set up to your sizing data. It is then test ridden with a final checkover before collection.
  • Free Servicing. Your bike from Mosquito will qualify for Lifetime Service Plan. This consists of a Bronze Service at six weeks and six months and a Gold Service each year.

Stock Bikes

If you don’t want or need a custom frame it doesn’t mean you can’t have a custom bike. You might have an idea in mind of what you require or you might just be after something unique and special. All the manufacturers below produce a range of framesets so, if the complete bike isn’t quite what you’re after, we can work with you to build your perfect bike. We offer a free sizing service, a less in-depth bike fit if you will, for everyone who buys a stock geometry bike from us so you can be sure it’s just right. The bike will be handed over set up exactly to your fit details and they all come with at least one years free servicing. We accept Cyclescheme vouchers and now offer interest free credit on selected models to help spread the cost.


Custom Bikes

Independent Fabrication, our bikes

Alchemy Bicycles, our bikes

Pegoretti, our bikes

Moots, our bikes

Guru, our bikes

Zullo, our bikes

Colourbolt, our bikes

Stock Bikes

Lynskey, our bikes

Surly, our bikes

Kuota, our bikes

Kinesis, our bikes

Soma Fabrications, our bikes

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