What is there to say of Dario Pegoretti that hasn’t already been said? Pegoretti built his reputation in the early ‘80s building frames under contract for the likes of Pinarello and Milani. His pioneering use of TIG welding, rather than the traditional method of brazed lugs, meant he was able to build frames that had not previously been possible. This caught the attention of the pros and he was sooner building bikes for Miguel Indurain, Marco Pantani, Stephen Roche, Mario Cipollini and many more.

Today Pegoretti Cicli is a much smaller and lower key affair. All of the frames are built, and painted, in the Italian Dolomites. What aren’t low key are the paint schemes. Dario has become famous for his exciting and vibrant paint schemes, in particular the ‘Ciavete’. The Ciavete, also known as Dario’s choice, requires you to hand over complete control, you can’t make any requests. All you can do is send him a poem or a piece of music for inspiration. You can see some examples of his previous work in our galley and you can his current list of available paint schemes on the Pegoretti Cicli website: Our Gallery & Pegoretti Cicli

Over the years Dario Pegoretti has developed a very special relationship with Columbus, including developing his own tubing, PegoRichie, with Richard Sachs. Pegoretti insists that Columbus take extra steps in the heat treating process that they do not do for others, which is why his frame ride the way they do and also why all of his frames are made from Columbus tubing (with the exception of the aluminium Love #3). The majority of Pegoretti frames, including the Duende and Marcelo, are made from Columbus Spirit although Dario has now introduced the stainless steel Responsorium made from Columbus XCr.

The lead time on a Pegoretti can vary anywhere between three and six months but we do occasionally have stock frames for sale so do get in touch.

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